Take Control over your data roaming charges when travelling.

High Speed Internet in over 150+ countries with our SIM Free Mi-Fi Device.


Connect upto 5 gadgets at once. Keep your travel buddies online too!

Secure, Fast Internet

No need to use insecure public wifi networks

Flexible Data Bundles

To suit everyones budget

Easy & Transparent

SIM-free, hassle-free, no overage charges

I LOVE Roambuddy! I never travel without it.

I work for British Airways as a stewardess and I am often travelling to exotic dream locations such as Mexico, Caribbean, Maldives, Mauritius, USA. Roaming with my home provider tends to be very expensive so I was pleased to buy a Roambuddy device and now I am able to get online wherever I fly to without worrying about bill shock from my home operator! Roambuddy is now an essential item for my travel luggage.

— Ewa K.

I only have one thing to say about Roambuddy! AWESOME!

I recently had to travel from Tanzania to Dubai, USA, Spain and Italy for work and partially for pleasure. Due to the excessive costs of roaming from my home mobile provider, I usually switch off when I travel. When I was introduced to Roambuddy, I decided to give it a try and it was amazing!

No more hassles with getting local sims or using public wifi networks which are insecure.

Support was very responsive when I ran out of data and on my return, I’ve referred it to all my friends and coworkers!

— Sarf A.

Roambuddy is a life saver!

I live in Ukraine and travel often for modeling assignments all around the world and it’s essential that I am always online wherever in the world I am.

I’ve traveled in over 50 countries all around the world and Roambuddy is the most economic and reliable device that allows me to keep in touch with family, friends and my fans.

— Olga K.

Frequently Asked Questions


Data roaming occurs when you use data connection outside of your carrier's coverage zone. Your mobile network can make substantial charges for roaming outside of your network coverage zone and you may end up with an enormous bill without realising it.

The Roambuddy Mobile WiFi Hotspot is a portable device that provide wireless mobile data connection with up to 5 devices (i.e. smartphones, laptops, tablets, portable gaming devices, etc.). It is a convenient and affordable way to have data connectivity for your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other mobile device and it supports up to 5 devices.

The most obvious way to minimize or eliminate data roaming fees is use only WiFi. Keep in mind that it is not a foolproof method for many of us because our phones or tablets are often needed most while we are on a move, and not while we are sitting in an internet café or a hotel lobby (remember that most of the hotels still profit by charging for WiFi) It is important to mention that public internet access is not secure and you are much more prone to identity theft when using public Internet connection. You will be more protected by using your own secure mobile connection with the Roambuddy device.

No matter where your travels take you, your connection to the internet will be private and secure. Password protected encryption means you’ll never have to worry about questionable public WiFi networks and information leaks.

  • It’s SIM Free as it uses a cloud based technology to connect to a local mobile data network so no need to purchase local sims every time you travel
  • You can share data with your travel companions (up to 5 devices)
  • You don't need to configure your hotspot, it’s already pre-configured
  • You can buy data plans that suit your travel needs.

The Roambuddy Mobile WiFi Hotspot does not require any addition configuration as it is using cloud based VSIM technology. By simply turning the device on, you will gain access to the mobile internet in over 150 countries across the world and be able to simultaneously connect up to 5 wireless devices to your network via active hotspot (as if you were using a regular wireless router at home)

Once you purchase a data plan, your device will be ready to connect to the local networks that are covered in the plan you purchase. There is no need to change the settings on your Mobile Hotspot.

Note: That in each country we partner with one or two local cellular networks. You might experience connectivity difficulties where there is no cellular coverage of our partner carrier.

You will be able to enjoy 3G and 4G LTE speeds wherever possible on Roambuddy supported networks around the world.

Once you receive your device, you can use the registration section of this website to register your device as well as activate your first FREE data plan included. To activate you will need to enter the device ID which is shown on the LCD and usually start with Sx followed by 5 numeric digits eg SF12345

The device ID is shown on the LCD interface at the footer of the screen usually start with Sx followed by 5 numeric digits eg SF12345

Your package will include:

  • Roambuddy Device
  • MicroUSB charging Cable
  • Getting started guide

Yes! No questions asked! If you are not happy with your Mobile Hotspot, you may return it within 30 days and get refund on the device only so long as it is in an unused condition and includes all the packaging. For more information, please refer to our refund policy.

You can connect any WiFi - enabled device to your Roambuddy WiFi hotspot.

Depending on which hotspot you have you can connect anywhere up to 5 devices.

You do not need to configure your Roambuddy WiFi hotspot as It comes pre-configured with Roambuddy SSID and password settings. Just turn it on, and you are connected!

No, as the Roambuddy is a mobile hotspot and you will be able to connect up to 5 devices using Wi-Fi to the Roambuddy device to the internet in any location covered by Roambuddy. Keep in mind that Mobile WiFi hotspot has a few advantages over tethering on your phone:

  • You spare your phone’s battery
  • You can reliably tether up to 5 mobile devices
  • You can work for longer periods of time without connection drops or data throttling
  • You can keep your original SIM in your phone

The Roambuddy LCD Screen shows a counter for the data you have purchased as well as how much has been used so far.

You may charge your WiFi hotspot by connecting it to a power outlet using the USB cable included in the package. A fully charged battery will last for about 9 hours with enabled WiFi.

1GB Data Package is great for occasional usage. To give you an idea of what a 1GB of mobile data might look like for typical use, please refer to the table below

Please note that these calculations are estimates only.

1GB of data will give you:

  • Email — 100000 text only emails
  • Video Calling — 130 minutes of video calling
  • Web Surfing — 2600 online page visits
  • GPS navigation — 12000 minutes of GPS navigation
  • Photos — 350 photos upload and download
  • Music Streaming 1000 minutes of streaming music files
  • Video Streaming — 30 minutes of streaming HD videos
  • Audio streaming — 1000 minutes of streaming music files
  • Online gaming — 1300 minutes of playing online game

Some of the most common internet activities that can generate high data use are: prolonged video streaming sessions, online interactive gaming, movie/torrent downloads. Additionally, automatic system, mobile app and cloud updates, photo synchronization and in-browser video/audio auto streaming can consume your mobile data in the background. Learn more

You can purchase data manually from our website.

We accept Paypal and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) to add data to your balance. If all required information is updated correctly and your payment still gets refused, please contact your credit card company to get this sorted out.

Your data will be valid based on the data plan you buy. We offer Daily, 14 or 30 day bundles of 1GB, 2GB, 3GB and 5GB.

If you lose your Roambuddy Device you will need to purchase a new device to continue using data services. Please contact us to receive a discount code to purchase your replacement device although please note that your data balance cannot be transferred.

We use a fulfilment service to ship the devices as soon as an order is confirmed. The delivery times vary based on where you requested the delivery for. Some parts of the world can take longer than others but we expect to fill all deliveries within 10 days of order.

Yes, our fulfilment partner is able to ship internationally.

Roambuddy provides service in the following 150+ countries although we have 3 data plans which cover most of the countries around the world.

Roambuddy collaborates with the major carriers worldwide to make sure that you receive the best connection available to you. Most of the largely populated areas have great cellular signal and your mobile device will work without any disruptions. However, there is a number of factors that can prevent you from getting good mobile coverage. You may be able to get weak or no signal due to limitation in topography (the surroundings), network architecture (the location of cellular antennae) and capacity (the number of callers communicating in the area at given time). If you have concern regarding the coverage in the area you are traveling to, please get in touch with our customer support in advance.

For 24/7 Support:

Call: +1 310 929 5969

Email: support@roambuddy.world

or if you have any questions contact us using the form above.

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